Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am not here to  complain about my life or economic crisis. I am here to grieve for my people... for those who waited under the rubble so maybe somebody might hear them. I am writing to ask why my government does not care for my people in remote areas whom their lives are shaken by recent earth quake.Where is the compassion of those men on top sitting indifferently toward my people and call themselves the men of Allah and call themselves true Muslims in the true. I criticize Iranian government for lack of support for those poor people living in remote areas.

I am sad...


Blogger Pablo (yo) said...

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Anonymous Caitlin said...

As I live far away, and my news doesn't tend to report much about Iran (and foreign events in general), I didn't know that Iran had an earthquake in 2012. But, four years later, after reading your post, I do. I see from the eyes of the people trapped under their homes, looking up, hoping for a hand to pull them to are for the living. They should not become tombs.

You ask why the government does not care, and where is their compassion. I can't answer that. I do not know why it is that when people lose their compassion when they have power over others. I see this in many countries, including my own. We have a saying here. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

If I had to answer, I might say this: Maybe they never had compassion to begin with, and that's why they could stomach doing the things it takes to get power. It is disgusting. It is shameful.

I feel your sadness. I hope your, your family and friends are alive, well and happy.

3:20 PM  

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